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I've recently been testing OpenSim's Grid, mode - as up until now I've only ever run Opensim in standalone mode. Grid mode adds the ability to run multiple regions - all sharing the same asset database. Additionally it separates the services (such as authentication, region management, user services and suchlike) from the actual simulator itself. Here's a picture to show the corresponding login details, notice grid servers run on port 8002, rather than 9000 - which is used when running in standalone mode.

Recently I've had some success in adding groups,offline messaging and currency to one of my many OpenSim installations. Although the currency module was initially a little tricky to get configured, I think it's worth the effort. Certainly from the point of view of showing new users of OpenSim/Virtual Worlds how it all works in a safe environment, I think this is a great resource.

Secondlife - It's all about skins and clothes, apparently! So, not wanting to miss out on all the fun of creating a skin, I've recently been using the most excellent (and entirely free) open source programs Blender, GIMP and Inkscape to try my hand at skin creation.

The image above shows a composite of the Inkscape file vectors overlaid - along with a few of the latest iterations of the file as thumbnails underneath. Unsurprisingly, creating an even half decent looking skin (for me, anyway) is incredibly time consuming, painstaking work, although enjoyable with it!

Woot! - It appears a fellow French OpenSim user has posted a youtube video which features a couple of the free Integrated Technologies Opensim assets you can download here. It's nice to see other people making use of them! :)

Here's a little test video I made of SecondLife today, as I've been looking at creating machinima type videos using only free and Open Source tools and programs. I used the excellent glc program to grab the raw OpenGL stream from the running SecondLife window and the amazingly flexible ffmpeg program to convert the raw video to swf format.

I noticed that there's been a new release of the Prim Blender utility. The new version now supports sculpties, which is nice :)

There's some sparse but entirely adequate documentation in the Readme.txt file that's included as part of Prim Blender.

Although I've heard it said that Blenders users interface is somewhat less than intuitive, I found after investing a little time in learning to use it, Blenders speed of work flow and power are unmatched by any other free 3D program I've tried to-date.

March 08, 2009

FlightGear 1.9.0 Deb files no longer available...

I've removed the old 1.9.0 .debs of FlightGear, as they've now been superseded by the release of FlightGear version 2.0

You may be interested in the download & compile script that's available to automatically download and compile the latest version of FlightGear, as it worked nicely for me.

If the link above doesn't work for you, then you can also try here.

If all else fails, join the FlightGear IRC channel and ask for the download_and_compile.sh script. Someone there will be likely to provide it to you.

December 27, 2008

House Building Continues...

Another update to show the latest building progress to the cottage, on my OpenSim server :)

August 19, 2008

House Building in OpenSim

I'm slowly but surely making some progress in building a little cottage in one of the sims of my OpenSim server.

Here's a few early screen shots taken during the building process.

August 12, 2008