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Open Sim

The project I have been working on recently in our OpenSim, has been a recreation of a technology building from a real life school.

Luckily my poor little brain wasn't too taxed on this to start with due to the blueprints we obtained and various photo's taken at the site.

The main shell has been up for sometime and now coming back to this project I have started building the interior starting with the hallway, most of which was fun to do, and once the lower hallway was complete, you get an amazing sense of satisfaction from seeing the similarities between your build and the picture of the real life version.

The progress so far has been slow due to the other buildings I have going at the moment but because of certain SL downtimes and troubles this week, its nice to be able to go to a rapidly more stable environment with no lag and almost no prim limits.

I always seem to have to remind myself that I can use as many prims as I need, God I love OpenSim to build in. It seems an ingrained Second Life aim always to keep prims low which always reduces the visual impressions of your building.

Now that I have completed the hallway, bar a few door scripts and such, I'll be making a start on the details of the second floor and balcony, which has pretty much the same configuration as the ground floor, thats presuming I'm not too overloaded with other projects...

Keep looking I'll update as often as I can!

May 09, 2008